CH Coraplax s, l is a family business with a multinational presence dedicated to the manufacture of PVC valves and accessories for the construction of fluids for swimming pools, gardening and Industry since 1973.


Passion , effort , courage, courage, innovation , commitment , determination, creativity and tenacity are part of the personality and character of José Costales Santacana founder and chief technical officer of the company since its foundation in 1973.


José Costales Santacana , founded his first business when he was living and studying in Brazil, the country where his parents established their residence.


Back in Spain, he worked as a workshop manager in a company dedicated to the manufacture of injection molds. This professional experience and as a good entrepreneur, led him to create his own plastic injection company in Santa Coloma de Gramanet,




Since the beginning of CH Coraplax s, l, and as a good family business, my father Jose wanted to convey to us the passion, work and dedication that it takes to lead a professional project.


It is in this sense that at the age of twelve I began to help remove parts from injection molds. Any time was a good time to help and learn the trade, weekends, holidays and during vacations, we would get up at five in the morning accompanying and helping my father in those tasks that ended up also becoming my passion.

CH Coraplax s, l , grew up and moved to Granollers, Barcelona.


Four years later I began to work as an apprentice in a mechanical workshop while combining work with my studies.


At the age of eighteen, I officially started working at the CH Coraplax s, l factory. My father was very demanding and wanted us, the family, to set an example for the whole team, knowing the whole process of manufacturing from below, as working more than anyone else, without privileges, as just another member of the CH Coraplax s, l team. That point of demand made us learn each and every one of the manufacturing processes. I started in the mold shop since, like my father, I am a mold maker and together with my sister Antonia, who has more than 20 years of experience in multinationals in different sectors and who worked in the administration of the company, we decided to go out and grow professionally in other projects.



It was in May of 2003 when our father passed away, the man who raised us and from whom we learned the discipline of a job well done that we decided to abandon our professional projects and give continuity to the effort with which he had created CH Coraplax s, l.


Going back was the most exciting challenge of our careers, continuing and evolving our father’s project is to date the greatest legacy he has left us. CH Coraplax s, l is what it is today thanks to the values ​​and knowledge that we drank at home since we were little.


Today CH Coraplax s, l is still more alive than ever, on the path of 5 decades of evolution, and as all companies overcome difficult moments and adaptation, we have improved , both the quality of our PVC valves and accessories, as processes of the company to provide closer customer service and personalized that never.


CH Coraplax s, l has adapted to the new times, has technically improved its valves complying with the most rigorous production requirements, endorsed by the certifications regarding quality and compliance with the standard of our products .


CH Coraplax s, l is a registered trademark  that manufactures and distributes its valves and accessories in PCV directly from its new facilities in Cervelló, Barcelona, ​​Spain.


I am Ernest Costales, son of Jose Costales, founder of CH Coraplax s, l and together with my sister Antonia we are pleased to welcome you and we encourage you to meet and work with our and we hope your passion.

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Coraplax more than a brand a philosophy of life. Since 1973 at the service of our clients


of Coraplax is to contribute to the innovation of the fluids conduction sector, offering well designed and fully functional PVC valves and accessories of the highest quality, giving solutions to our clients with honesty and integrity.

Our visión is to be a company known for improving the life our clients and employees, to be a  leader in innovation, manufacturing and distribution of PVC valves and accessories and we hope to inspire others to do the same.


  1. Passion: to be committed with heart and mind
  2. Implication and engagement,
  3. Exceedance and excellence from a product and customer service perspective,
  4. Flexibility and adapting to change,
  5. Honesty and integrity,
  6. Constant innovation in processes and products,
  7. Efficiency
  8. Cooperation and teamwork,
  9. Determination and efficiency,
  10. Social-corporate responsibility,
  11. To serve is a privilege.

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