Coraplax is a family-run business with international presence, dedicated to the manufacturing of PVC valves and accessories. Like many companies of this kind, its history reflects exceedance, discipline, passion, endeavour, courage, innovation, commitment, determination, creativity, tenacity, and millions of hours of hard work. For this reason, I will explain its history in first person. My name is Ernest Costales, son of the founder.

José Costales Santacana, my father, was born in Barcelona and always stood out for being a hard-working, honest and responsible man. He founded Coraplax in 1973, when I was 12 years, although he set up his first business when he was living and studying in Brazil, the country that his parents made their residence.
When living in Spain, following his entrepreneurial spirit, he decided to create his own plastic injection enterprise for which he gave up his job at the moment, as a manager in a mould and injection manufacturing company. To start his business, he rented a commercial premise in Santa Coloma de Gramanet, acquiring a modest second-hand machine and began producing parts applying all his accumulated knowledge and work experience.

As for myself, at the age of twelve I would help removing finished items from the machines during festive days, weekends and holidays even if it would involve waking up at five in the morning. Having reached the age of sixteen, I started working as an apprentice in a mechanical workshop while studying at the same time. Later on, Coraplax moved to Granollers.
Once eighteen, I started working officially in the Coraplax manufacturing plant. My father was very demanding and was keen for us, the family, to set an example for the whole team, knowing from the bottom, the entire manufacturing process, as well as working as hard as anyone and without any privileges, just as any other worker in the company. Being the son of the owner simply meant a higher level of exigency.
I started working in the moulds workshop since I am a moulding technician, like my father. With my sister Antonia, with over 20 years of experience working in the management board of various multinationals in a diversity of sectors, we aimed to modernize and optimize the procedures and quality of our products, though my father’s more classical concepts prevailed. For this reason, we decided to develop away from the family business .

This significant experience for the both of us, from a personal and professional aspect regarding Coraplax, allowed us to grow from a professional standpoint, and particularly in my case, to continue the advancement of my moulding profession by learning from other PVC experts. As for my new position, I would highlight that fact that I occupied the post of manufacturing director and also my proactive attitude, always seeking solutions and alternatives with the aim of improving the finished product.

In May 2003 my father passed away. The man who brought me up and from whom I learnt the discipline of doing a job well. It was then that we decided to continue with the effort that he has put into creating the business, even though it meant leaving our own projects. Going back was a challenge for our careers to potentiate my father’s creation. We found it very hard, having witnessed how much effort our father had put into creating Coraplax and making it grow.
Antonia and I returned to Coraplax to continue, with renewed energy, our father’s project and it makes us proud to have injected into it all our experience, effort, passion and enthusiasm in order to get ahead and see the company grow.

Today Coraplax still exists in spite of the problems and obstacles that we have faced, and for this reason, it has bounced back even stronger into the world of PVC valves and accessories manufacturing.
We can emphasize that we have even improved the quality of our finished products as well as the company procedures in order to provide a more personalized customer service.

Coraplax has been able to adapt to the new times and after running for over four decades we can reaffirm that after many changes, we are the same company, and without a doubt we can affirm that Coraplax is still CORAPLAX.

So, Coraplax is Coraplax! Just as it always was.

Coraplax more than a brand a philosophy of life. Since 1973 at the service of our clients


of Coraplax is to contribute to the innovation of the fluids conduction sector, offering well designed and fully functional PVC valves and accessories of the highest quality, giving solutions to our clients with honesty and integrity.

Our visión is to be a company known for improving the life our clients and employees, to be a  leader in innovation, manufacturing and distribution of PVC valves and accessories and we hope to inspire others to do the same.


  1. Passion: to be committed with heart and mind
  2. Implication and engagement,
  3. Exceedance and excellence from a product and customer service perspective,
  4. Flexibility and adapting to change,
  5. Honesty and integrity,
  6. Constant innovation in processes and products,
  7. Efficiency
  8. Cooperation and teamwork,
  9. Determination and efficiency,
  10. Social-corporate responsibility,
  11. To serve is a privilege.






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