CORAPLAX, SL a company devoted to serve PVC-U valves and accessories, must respond to the current challenge: QUALITY.

Consequently, the management board of the company follows a quality policy based on the following points:
1)- Integrate and implicate all personnel in the company in the pursuit of QUALITY.
2)- Continually improve the quality of our assets and services and the efficacy of our quality system in order to assure the satisfaction of our interested parties starting from the methodology based on the evaluation on the risks involved in the processes.
3)- Involve our interested parties in an integrated quality system, promoting communication.
4)- Commitment to meet the legal and regulatory requirements of the interested parties that may affect the quality of the assets and the service provided.
5)- The management board of the company acknowledges the importance of motivation and education in training with regard to tasks related to QUALITY.

The Management board,
Cervelló, Barcelona, the 15th of June, 2018


In Coraplax, S.L. we are conscious of the environmental impact that our industrial activity has. We want our actions to respect our environment and social welfare of the present and future generations. For this reason, we are committed to developing our activity sustainably,  Following the guidelines below: 

1.- To make extensible the vision and environmental policy of Coraplax to its clients, providers and contributor companies in order to enable joint action to the benefit the environment and society.

2.- To develop the appropriate waste management systems for all the different activities in the company.

3.- To consider environmental aspects in all our projects and action plans in the development of the activities undertaken by the company in order to ensure that our actions are fair from the start.

4.- To ensure the compliance with the legislation and environmental regulations applicable to our installations and operations, as well as the compliance of other voluntary commitments taken on by the organization. 

5.- To conduct the appropriate management of environmental aspects. The rational use of natural resources and the open communication with our spokespersons we consider essential in our performance management.

6.- To apply all the necessary measures in order to prevent contamination, minimize waste and to make responsible use of the material and energy resources.

7.- To train and inform all our company personnel to raise environmental awareness, increase their commitment and make continual improvement to our policies.

8.- To inform and collaborate with public authorities in cases of crisis situations and environmental emergencies and express our permanent willingness to cooperate with them.